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AGM Batteries

Having no time to give "Ole Bessy" (2000 VN 750) any love this winter, i pulled her out of storage a few weeks back, her battery was dead, and i wanted to ride. Immediately. Being an impatient knucklehead, i bought what they had in stock at advance auto parts. If i could reach, I'd kick myself in the pants for not researching further before purchasing. I filled the new battery with acid, put it on my brandy new Noco G1100 to charge, threw it in, and tried to start her up. Bessy was having none of it. Im not sure if the charger just can't charge a brand new battery, if the battery just doesn't have enough CCA, or what. (I've tried to research it, i can't find anything my dumb brain can understand.) What i do know is i want to make sure that the battery isn't an issue for the next few years. I don't have a volt meter. Im not a mechanic. I can turn a wrench, but only by reminding myself of righty tighty, lefty loosey. (Ok, maybe I'm not that pathetic, but close.)

Anyway, for the past two weeks I've tried the search feature on the forums, and used my best Google-fu skills... to no avail. I've found old posts suggesting AGM batteries that are no longer made, "replacement" suggestions that i don't recognize, and allegedly authentic westco 180 CCA batteries on Amazon.

"Ole Bessy" has always been finicky about starting, and from what i gathered, the battery was always the most likely culprit. I REALLY want a pre charged, maintenance free, AGM battery that will end "Ole Bessy's" mood swings. Please, oh wise and powerful VN 750 gurus... pretty please! Help a brother find the battery that will end my windless, ever impatient, boring existence. You guys always seem to know know exactly what you're talking about, and back your answers with experience, logic, and facts.
Thanks in advance.
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