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Originally Posted by Reckoning View Post
Thanks for the reply. Any way to properly test these instead of blindly buying them?

I watched a few videos of stator replacement... seems like quite a job.
It's not too hard to test if you follow the steps, either in the threads about it or the repair manual that you can download. Link is around here somewhere. Bear in mind, on the stator voltage you're looking for AC volts, not DC.

I also think the charging system needs tested, but have zero faith in the small wet cell batteries from Wally. Had a mower that used a motorcycle sized battery, and Wally's would hardly start an 18hp Briggs twin, always ended up jumping it, a lot. A near dead car battery started it better.

Did Autozone load test the new battery?

"Around 12v" ... 12.1v is pretty much dead. Need to see at least 12.5v, but 12.6v and higher is always better. After a fresh charge, a new battery should be near 12.8 or higher.

Maybe wally will take it back for purchase of an AGM type, pretty sure they have them. AGM type tends to rest near 13v.

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