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'85 VN700 fuel inlet brass upgrade, same size as 750?

I, in my infinite wisdom, cleaned and re-built my carbs entirely. Then I installed them into my bike and re-assembled everything. Got it running again and re-adjusted the settings. When I turned the bike off I came back to a puddle of gas between the cylinders and on the floor.

The plastic inlet on the right (rear cylinder) is cracked. So whatever fuel is left in the hose south of the petcock is draining out, and it leaks out while the bike is running also.

I've seen the threads with the brass replacements from Harley. But the site for those says they're for CVK 40, not CVK 32-38 or whatever the smaller size is. I know the carbs on the VN700 are Keihin CVK 34s. Does anyone know if these press-fit nipples have the same OD? They look about the same as the petcock nipples that feed them (0.388").

I'm thinking of buying some 1/8" NPT fittings and a tap, then holding them in with a little bit of blue loctite. I don't ever want to mess with this again.
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