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OK how the heck do I run this wire

So, rarely if ever. I mean rarely, my wonder bike sportster would have a problem, but I went to start it sunday and nothing. Not even a click. So, me being the ignition switch man I figure there has to be a connection issue some place. I start checking continuity on everything and finally find the brake. Some where between the start switch and the starter relay. I can run a cable between the start switch and teh relay and it turns over when I press the switch. SO. I have to run a new cable or find the brake in the old one BUT, this cable runs without interruption according to the diagram from switch to relay. PLUS it's all bound up with all the other cables running the backbone.

How the flip do you run another cable in there. I guess I have to remove the tank and alll that crap or does someone have some cabling magic?

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