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Follow the directions in the link below from Iceshot. Per the directions I bought a new headlight bucket and a sealed LED cheap "Daymaker" headlight. Issues I ran into? First the I needed to add some garden hose washers to the inside of the bucket screw mounts. There was too much play otherwise. The other issue I ran into concerned by-passing my RLU. I first completed the blue wire mod that bypasses the headlight relay at the junction box so that the headlight is on when the ignition is turned on. To eliminate the RLU all the write ups and videos I saw told me to jumper the blue wire to the blue/yellow wire. No headlight at all. I had to jumper blue to blue/orange. Not sure why mine was different from everyone else but it works. I've not taken pictures yet but I can tell you that not only does it make the bike look a little more modern, it really lights up the road.

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