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check your switches, kick stand switch, ignition switch. I have issues from time to time with the ignition switch being on with lights and it not turning over. Clutch switch.

How is your terminals on the battery and on the solenoid. You can turn the key on and jumper the two large posts on the solenoid until it cranks. If it is cranking that way, the your solenoid has an issue. Check to make sure that there is 12 volts going to the solenoid (small wire) by placing a dc meter into the molex connector that goes onto the solenoid and then push the starter switch with the key in the on position.

If you have power there and it isn't cranking then your solenoid could be bad. Disconnect the wires from the terminals on the solenoid and clean all contact places until they are shiny and reassemble and try again.

I just worked on a riding lawn mower that the starter switch cable wasn't making good connection to the solenoid and it seemed like it had a dead battery but just needed cleaning. If everything is cleaned and back together and it still doesn't turn over then it is the solenoid.

If you don't have power to those two small wires going to the solenoid then check the fuse with a ohms meter as they can look good but be bad. I have had fuses have a small hairline crack in the metal and it looked good but wouldn't connect. If you aren't sure then replace it anyway.

Another thing you can do is pull the fuses and clean the legs and replace them. If any of the fuses are lose then use something to press the connectors together a little bit but recommend disconnection the battery in case you grounded out your tool which would cause pretty sparks but force you to go inside and change pants. If that is good and you are still not getting it to turn over then you may need to check and see if you are having connection issues between the distribution box and the end of the wire going into the solenoid. You will need to use a ohm's meter to check that and that reading should be 0 or close to it. If it is high in ohm readings you may have a bad wire(s).

Also could be your starter relay. So check those things and see what you got. It is almost 3 am and my eye lids are preventing me from going any further tonight. I'll help more after you check these places.

Grace and Peace to you!
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