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2.5 maybe 3

I am having to pull my carbs again due to the nastiness of ethanol. I wanted to turn the bike over before trying to pull the carbs just to find out the bike was locked up but it wasn't. Anyway when I pulled the plugs on both cylinders they were black and I only had around 100 miles on those plugs so I knew that couldn't be right.

I always had this feeling that my bike was trying to flood out when trying to crank the bike after it had been running for a while and shut it off and tried to re-crank but it never would until it cooled off.

Now that I am looking at my plugs being black makes me think I was running too rich causing my bike to have too hard of a time to crank when I did a heated start. So when putting the carbs back on I am going to go with 3 turns instead of 2.5 or do you think I should go with 3.5 turns?

I am also going to do that contact point mod to hopefully increase the starting capability when it is hot. Just really want to hear some of your opinions?


Grace and Peace to you!
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