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Originally Posted by ubertalldude View Post
That's a bummer to hear man. If you could ever get the bike up here to Jacksonville with the parts in hand we could knock it out in a weekend I think. I have all the tools since I just did the balancer job which is just 3 bolts and a couple solder points shy of the stator job.

Probably a long shot but having a garage is a gift to be shared I reckon

Dang, man. And to think I was offered a job at Mayport, in Jacksonville last June, but they couldn't match the pay I'm getting down here.

Though one of my friends from work had an idea! My battery is in his shed, charging right now and he mentioned The Hobby Shop, on base. The Hobby Shop is a 'Do The Work Yourself', set up. They have about six bays, two with lifts and only charge about $4 a day. They also have fully stocked tool boxes, (gotta love the military).
Though I am not military, (Civilian Contractor) my base ID gives me access.
So there may be an option here! I will have to read up and study the procedure, exactly. Any more advice will be greatly appreciated.

BTW, I went back over to my bike with my spare battery, started it up and then disconnected the battery. The instant I did, the engine died.

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