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Originally Posted by ubertalldude View Post
If that's correct then it indicates continuity between the stator and the case (shorting out) which means it's fried :/

Worth a check to see if it outputs any voltage between the poles in case the shorting is a fluke
Thanx Uber!
I don't know why they make these instruction books so small you can hardly see the print but I just read through the microscopic print of the Multimeter's manual and suspect I was not using it correctly.

I will try again tomorrow and charge the bike's battery so I can attempt to get some voltage readings.

I'll have to do what I did with the manual that came with my Midland two way radios and remove the staples from the booklet then scan each side of each page and print them out to a full sheet of paper. Then I can use my binding stapler to reassemble the book.

Unfortunately, if the stator is fried there is not much I can do. I have a thirty+ years collection of tools, all in storage in New Hampshire. Even if I had the tools here, with my current living arrangement, I have no place to do the job.
I can check with a place in Key Largo for an estimate on what it might cost to have them do it, but I might be better off just trucking it up to Miami to a Kawasaki dealer to get a new bike and take whatever they give me for this one.

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