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The noise does stop once the engine heats up. Not sure if that means its no big deal, but fingers crossed! haha, please correct me if I am wrong though.

Michigan, I have gone through countless filters at this point. So it is doubtful that it is the filter or the seals on the filters at this point. I have tried every which one that I have found on here, even the stock Kawasaki one. I also brought it to a mechanic, whom I brought it back to 3 times every time it did it (no charge). The end result was him telling me he has no idea. It isn't that big of a deal, as I said it only does it when the choke is on and I give it gas at the same time. Any feedback would be very much appreciated, I would like to fix the issue.

1987 Vulcan 750

What Has Been Done:
New Battery
Stator Mod
Spline Lube
Starter Relay - replaced
Ignition Coils - replaced
ACCT's to MCCT's
Seat Mod
Re-position Rear Blinkers
New Fork Seals
Lowered Shocks
Ear Shave
Coaster Mod

Still to come:
Remove air box
Side Mount License Plate
Re-Position Horns
New Mirrors
New Exhaust
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