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Choke Cable Broke?

Mid 70's yesterday...upper 40's today. '03 VN750 is sitting at the curb on the street. She's cold natured, and when I tried to move the choke lever so I could pull the bike up into the driveway I felt like the cable may have snapped. The choke lever moves freely to the open and close positions as if cable is no longer attached. I've purchased a pair of Buckhorn handle bars, so I'm not really interested in fixing the actual cable now as I'll be having all new cables installed when I replace the handle bar. However, I need to get the bike started to move it; my house sits up high off the street, so pushing it up the STEEP driveway really isn't something I want to do. This happened a couple hours ago; it's dark, and I had to leave for work, so I wasn't able to trace the cable back to the engine. Is the opposite end of the cable visible...and fairly accessible...where I could use a pair of needle nose to "close" it to start her up?

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