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Help!! Unknown Problem

My bike was running great until midsummer. Then my stator took a crap. With all the wonderful help from browsing on here I was able to change it with one from TPE and also installed a MOSFET R/R. It charges approx 14.5 volts at all rpms now and runs great when cold or lower rpms.
However, when the bike is thoroughly warmed up it will spit, sputter and pop at higher rpms especially when accelerating at full throttle. I have tried back blowing the carbs, turned the screws on the carbs out 3 turns and marbled it to see if it made any difference. I took it for a ride last night and when cold no popping, but when warmed up popping like crazy when coasting and still the problems at high rpms, above 6k. No voltage change when warmed up so I'm leaning towards a carb problem, but what? I can't detect a carb boot leak, i used propane and no change in idle speed. I used new crush gaskets for the exhaust, but dont think it could be that. Please help I getting frustrated. Thanks for any help.
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