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Originally Posted by OleDirtyDoc View Post
Got to use my knife but couldn't keep it.was about 2 car lengths behind a guy on a Valkyrie at about 80 and he hits a deer.I'm like **** I don't need to see this **** after a perfect weekend(would've been better if someone was brave enough to take a pic of Wolfie and I in the hot tub) but the dude leaned into it and kept it shiny side up and was OK.banged up the front fender a little. I had to kill the deer cause both back legs were broken and he was trying to run into the other lane. I cleaned up in the next town,but needed a break in Binghamton so stopped at Gander Mountain and looked at an old 8mm Mauser for half an hour then had Chinese
nice pic. too bad you couldn't keep it. could have made some nice Jerky. yum.

"a perfect weekend"?! I'm not sure how to take that. lol I mean if that is your idea of a "perfect weekend".......doh! running out of gas at 2am and sleeping on a picnic table in the rain. lol too funny.....then again, you do seem to have a "thing" for sleeping on picnic tables at rest areas.......I'm just saying.....

Doc, I'm just givin' ya a hard time. I take it you enjoyed yourself and had a good time. that's good to hear.

if it goes vroom or boom, I LIKE IT!
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