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Originally Posted by Knifemaker View Post
Just make sure the bolts on the lower and upper fork clamps are tight. And your axle and pinch bolt.

The steering stem has nothing to do with the bars being out of line. Lubing and setting the stem bolt is not needed unless you have play in the forks front to back, or somethings binding ....
Thanks KM. i think that is what i am concerned about. the forks were not bent and the forks still fit into the upper and lower clamps. so i am wondering if the tire got hit hard enough that it caused the clamps to be slightly unaligned. say the clamps were knocked out by 1mm, then by the time you got down to the axle, the left fork would be a 5 to 10mm back and right fork would be 5 to 10mm forward and that would really throw the front tire out of wack with the handle bars, right? or maybe it got hit higher up, i am just assuming it was hit at the tire. or maybe that doesn't matter at all. i have never taken a front end apart and put it back together and it not be aligned.

either way, when i held the front tire between my knees and turned the handle bars to re-align them, it was super easy to do. i didn't put much effort in to it at all. plus the clamps were tightened when i did it. of course when i realized that i loosened them and reset the forks and re-tightened. i went on a couple or hour long rides this weekend and all seems fine, but i am concerned that it was so easy to turn the handle bars to re-align everything. maybe it is supposed to be that easy, i don't know.

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