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So when did we all get to vote on the anti-profanity software?

I am really too upset about this to even begin writing anything about it. But I am completely insulted that it was done behind our backs.

(If you did not notice , the site now automaticly inserts **** symbols for the letters in words that one would consider profanity.)

Any form of censorship is not only un-american but even more wrong done without some prior discussion here.


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The administrators stated it's not a democracy. It's their site, they can do as they please.

How is it an infringement on anyone's right not to be able to post profanity? Are they unable to express themselves adequately without using it?

Try going into any business or government office and proceed to cuss the occupants out to your heart's content. Start at the police station. You will learn a lesson in civics 101 real fast.

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This is an interesting issue. It absolutely is the administrators site, but in a sense, the value of the site is built by everyone who contributes to it. Would the site "exist" as it is without Fergy and Corbin and Lance and KM?

I used to moderate one of the early poetry boards on the web. Basically it was a free graduate level workshop, and we routinely told people to get better at what they were doing before posting again. Which ruffled a lot of feathers. Which lead to a lot of profane tirades. Which we tried to censor.

I think the most important lesson I learned, vis a vis censorship during my time there was that while we could censor words and arguments, what we were really trying to control was behavior. Which is problematic, yes, but it's easy for a few people to destroy, or at least distract, a community put together for a specific purpose. In our case we (the owner/administrators) felt the conduct we saw was substantially interfering with the site's basic purpose. We eventually just resorted to banning people, which helped some. However, not only did the banning have a chilling effect on the conversations, it in itself was disruptive. We also lost a lot of good folks who fundamentally disagreed with banning. So in the end we continued onwards, but reduced in our numbers. It was the right call, but a shame things got to that point, and really, censorship is not a very effective tool in the context of the internet.

I'm pretty sure I missed whatever people were talking about (f-bombs and what not) not too long ago. so I don't know what caused the Admins here to change the board's script.

All I can say is that the Admins should consider what banning certain words gets them, and what it costs them (and us.) Maybe there's a completely important reason for it. Maybe that reason is not worth the cost.

I have no real dog in this fight.

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I dont mind it too much but another forum I belong to really pushes it. the filters are way to strong. if you were in the exhaust thread you cant even type the word muffler, it comes out ****ler. because it has muff in it. you can get around it by spelling it m u f f l e r but what a pain!
I dont really see a lot of need for profanity in the forums but then again it does not offend me either. I sound like a hillbilly trucker when I'm at home!

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it is a professional thing to the same time how many bikers do you know that don't have a potty mouth ?

it is what it is, and as I use to manage a large gaming website, I will say when we started giving out infractions and banning members, it push out alot of the good members as well.

but lets just keep in mind this is a free site with more then enough info then any other, and loaded with great members and not much profanity at all, So really any site changes shouldn't effect you if you are really here to give or get info.

I have only been a member here for a few weeks now and I must say this is by far one of the best friendly forums I have ever been on. Almost like a bunch of long last family members.

So having said that...Keep up the great work. but I really don't see any changes that needs to be done to this site.
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I can swear a blue streak, but don't see any need for any of us to do that on this Forum. Awhile ago, we had someone write in that his granddaughter often sat with him when he was on the Forum, and he was aghast at some of the language she was exposed to. We all cleaned it up for awhile, but apparently we've forgotten that children may be present.

This is first of all an info site, which doesn't merit swearing; and secondly it's a venting site. For that there are plenty of symbols over the numbers on our keyboards. Perhaps we'd have avoided external controls if we'd all done a better job of giving each other feedback on the raw language. It takes a village for all kinds of things!

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OK......KM where ever you go there is rules, the Movies, a Resturant, a Motel, Etc.

Since I'm just visiting this Forum I try and remember the Camper Motto " Try and leave the place as Good or Better than when you arrived"

Besides I don't like having to type as much as I do.....Having to type in cuss words just makes more I have to type.


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Hmm, seems this was discussed nearly a month ago, HERE.
KM, you made several post's the day it was brought up, so ya must have seen it.

Originally Posted by jthill524 View Post
I try and remember the Camper Motto " Try and leave the place as Good or Better than when you arrived"

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Two points if you allow me:

1. Filtering certain profane words should not insult anyone if the "****" still allows someone to figure out what is meant but yet protects children or others from actually having to have it thrust in their face. I would hope the administrators would start off filtering only a few known profanities and slowly add more filters if needed, so as to avoid the "muffler" effect.

2. If filtering is that objectionable to a number of members, all of whom I respect, perhaps the administrators might be willing to allow an unfiltered section of the forum to exist, say an unfiltered OTHER section, which I could simply choose not to read if I wish not to be exposed to profanity on the internet, or which I could choose to read if I don't care. A disclaimer could be posted concerning this section and at least I would be warned. Don't know if the software allows for this or not.

For the record though, I have absolutely no problem with the profanity filtering as long as the "muffler" effect is not an issue.


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I for one support their decision ,it is their board owned by them and they made a judgement call based on what they thought was right ,now if people feel they cannot adequately express their feelings with out using certain words and have no more of a grasp of the English language that they cannot articulate what they need to without using certain words,you have the right to not participate.We have certain inalienable rights and the right to talk coarsely in public is not one of them,LIfe ,Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness,come to mind .I have always thought that"Pursuit " was written in there because you don't have the right to do whatever ,whenever and wherever you please,if every body did that we ,as a society, would quickly descend into Anarchy.Our personal rights extend no further than the next persons begins, then we are trampling on their rights.I don't hold anybody's view's against them ,but as for the decision of the ADM.'s of this board did what they could to get it toned down, before turning the filter on,but ultimately did what they thought best for theirsite. And as for all bikers having potty mouth that is simply untrue,because the ones I ride with don't act like that in public ,and like it or not this is public,and if they do I don't make the mistake of hanging around people who are disrespectful of others if at all possible,JMHO

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