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Ha! Get this. Last year a friend of mine dumped my spare bike while attempting to brake and swerve at the same time (A.K.A. falling) to avoid hitting young deer (he and the deer are both fine). He's willing to pay for the replacement parts out of pocket to avoid making an insurance claim, so for giggles I compared the cost of nine parts from Kawasaki Parts Nation, with RonAyers, Bike Bandit and the local Kawasaki dealer near my friend's home.

NY Motorcycle --------- $779.67 + NYC Sales Tax ($65.30)
Bike Bandit ------------ $775.49 + Shipping
Ron Ayers Motorsports - $655.94 + Shipping
Cheap Cycle Parts ----- $571.25 + Shipping
Kawasaki Parts Nation -- $546.55 + Shipping

So, unless shipping from Kawasaki Parts Nation outrageous, they've got my vote for this restoration!


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Westco MF battery, R/R relocated
Küryakyn LED battery monitor
Kawasaki F&S luggage rack, bag supports & headlight visor
Splines lubed at 700 miles (they were dry from the factory!)
Anodized black SuperBrace fork brace < Link >
Mutazu GA hard saddlebags < Link >
Kawasaki F&S floorboards < Link >
Chrome Küryakyn wide brake and clutch levers < Link >
Clear Alternatives LED tail light board
National Cycle N2220 Windshield
R.I.P. Lance328

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