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Originally Posted by Knifemaker View Post

"Yellow lights give one an opportunity to PRACTICE hard stopping"....

And getting rear ended by the car behind you that didn't think you were going to stop?

Do your breaking practice in parking lots and empty roads.
Totally respect and appreciate where you are coming from. Having an empty road or parking lot must be nice. I prefer the real thing though. Center lines "here" for the most part are the most under utilized areas of the road. The pot holes are usually in the right hand lane and tend to be just to the left of the center of the lane ( left side car tracks ). The sewer lids tend to be center of the right lane. Dips and grooves at intersections are at about 10% of them ( just need to know which ones by experience ). The best eyesight forward is between the cars, and at every single stop light i will roll between them anyways all the way up to the front unless the light turns green, then merging wherever i am is the rule. I'd compare it to riding horseback in the middle of a herd of cows, but i've never actually been on a horse before. Getting accustomed to working with the other drivers here is necessary, legal, and even the cops do it ( the biker cops on their BMWs ). Doing things that make THEM aware of ME is just as important as me being aware of them. This is not for the feint of heart or for new riders though, sort of... It's a practice that needs to be adopted gradually just like anything else. I would not suggest that a new rider do anything close to what i do, but i've been riding bikes since dirt-grade as an early teen, been hit by a "stationary" truck, and seen quite a lot.
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