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Originally Posted by Spockster View Post
Does it pull to one side when you take your hands off the bars?
No, rides just fine. So for example, lets say my hands are off the bars and i am cruising on a typical run up to the next stop light doing about 30 or so. . . straight as ruler and steering her in between car mirrors is easy too, she steers well and balanced.

But while cruising along straight, the line of the lower dash panel with the idiot lights is like at a 3 to 4 degree turning to the right along with the line of the tree underneath, and it *IS* flush and level with that upper bracket ( so the dash panel has its left side more forward/higher ). So then add to that the handle bars being about an inch out of whack as well. They are two different issues both doing the same thing. We are about 99% sure this original owner wrapped this around a pole or whatever... ( clutch handle was busted, left turn signal snapped in half, dent on left side of fuel tank, broken speedometer cable cradle on the lower left fork, . . . ).
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