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I have to go along with Fergy's suggestions in his first post. Get a voltmeter and check out your charging volts and battery volts.

If you simply could not start the bike..(meaning it turned over but never caught) and you then simply wore the battery down till it was dead.. that is one thing. And if you tried to start the bike and the battery was already dead (meaning it would not even turn over) thats another thing.

The only way to know is , after checking all your connections as fergy suggested, you measure the charging volts and the state of charge of the battery fresh off the tender.

Your statement that you - " had to roll off .." if that means you were able to jump start the bike, I would doubt your charging system is the problem and the issue might just be a bad battery. (as you did not say how many attempts you went through trying to start it..just that it would not start)

Or does - " had to roll off.." mean you pushed the dead bike home?


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