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ty doc.yeah im hoping thats wat he has come in and i hope it has the mag wheel.if not i think i may still get it as long as i can make it work.i saw on here some1 said a 96 or 97 eliminator600 rear wheel will fit a vn750.if so that would b nice to see what it looks like with spoke wheels.i found 1 on ebay real cheap.even tho im parcial to our mags but if all goes ok it should only cost 150 for complete 1500 frontend and like 60 for rear eliminator wheel if it fits.havent looked to see how much bearings cost yet if i need them but it got very cold here in maryland and they r calling for snow so not sure whats going to happen now.i also found raked trees for the 1500 but they r 700 bucks so thats a future plan.id like to lower rear 4 inches also but not the hardtail way do u no what shocks i could use if any??i also have a brand new set of oem filters if any1 needs them i just bought them last week put them on and then had to pull carbs this week.so im ordering pods and jets to do ear shave,coaster and open exhaust.im going to relocat my overflow bottle and bring my left pipe thru where bottle sits and turn it straight down.then redo right side to come straight back and turn down next to left side.so they both will kinda wrap around right side cover.sry cant remember what exhaust system they call that.i dont no how i want to paint either so any ideas are welcome.oh and i have access to a pipe bender so exhaust should turn out pretty sweet.last thing how do i find the repair manual to download im new and cant navigate site very well.sry so long of a reply just trying to give some info on what im doing so maybe i can help another if they have a question ty all again great info here
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