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Well, I'm thankful that the teeth weren't warn down to a nub like mine were! As for the dealership and the lies, I have found in talking to various shops that almost 100% of the technicians don't have any idea what we are talking about when we say "lube the splines". My first experience with the dealership my bike first visited the day I bought it was bad. They changed the final drive oil thinking they were doing what I asked them to do, and when they installed my rear tire, they broke the flange off the left muffler trying to remove it to take the tire off. Obviously not even necessary to remove the wheel! So, I'm not saying they weren't lying, but no telling what they thought you meant! The original dealership service manager was eager to get my spline lube procedure printed out for the shop to have, if that tells you anything! Of course, this was a few months later when I called to talk to him after I discovered my dry and rusty nubs... Glad to have helped you! More and more, I think we are the only ones who know how to lube splines! Even the Honda dealership right down the road has no idea about it, and I believe every cruiser they have on the floor is shaft drive. I figure a very small percentage of owners of shaft drive bikes are having this done according to their service schedule.

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