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Old 01-15-2006, 03:44 PM
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Manual Cam Chain Tensioners

Came across this item a couple of weeks ago. Was going to post asking if anyone tried them, but got far too busy at work with hurricane damage stuff. manual Cam Chain Tensioner

This page lists them for VN750 with part number 875-416. The main page also takes you to listings of the parts, but doesn't seem to give price? I did find this item at a racing specialty site, but can't remember / find the link again. Think it was about $30 to $40 each. How would you know how tight to screw them in? Would there be disadvantages to using them? Would it be an idea just to carry one in case of an ACCT breakdown while out riding? The Limey

Follow the link back to , and download the price list. It gives the p/n 875.416 as a KT1100 TENSIONER $47.00.

Basic install from research on the net is... Before fitting make sure to back out the adjustment bolt a ways so that when you tighten the housing up you don't push on the guide and chain. Basically tightened the adjustment bolt until you feel it contact the guide. Then start up the bike and listened to the wonderful "diesel" racket. Slowly turn the bolt by hand until the noise goes away. Then back it out a turn and tightened the locknut. Just to be safe run the engine through some rev ranges and then repeat the adjustment. End result so far is a nice quiet engine.

Total time was about 20 minutes and it was a very simple install. nsfunseekers2
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